Why post regularly

If you have a website. Is there somewhere in it that you can post regularly to? If not, why not? Posting regularly to a website can give you advantages that you would not otherwise have.

  • Posting regularly can help achieve higher rankings in search engines
  • It improves the frequency a search engine indexes your website making it more up to date
  • It builds connections as people find the posts
  • Posting regularly builds readership as readers often return to interesting sites to read the latest postings
  • It keeps people on your website longer
  • It encourages people to return to your website
  • Postings with the right keywords can improve your search engine ranking with those keywords (This is often called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO)


Although it is not fully understood how search engines rank websites there are some observations that are taken to be fact. A website that changes its content regularly is indexed more regularly and appears higher on searches.

It is common sense that a website which is regularly updated is more interesting than one that remains static. The more interesting the content of the posts, the more likely a reader will remain on the website. And, the more likely they will return.

So make sure you have somewhere to post on your website and post regularly.

Consider getting your website updated with a posting feature today. We are offering the opportunity to see how you can leverage more business.

Get in touch today and we can show you how.