Why your business needs a website

A website assists a business in marketing and communications.

Marketing benefits

A website levels the field with competitors. A well thought out website can appear as strong, and possibly even stronger, than a site backed by a large organisation.

It bolsters existing advertising when the advertising sends the consumer to the website.

A website can get referrals through people telling others about the website. This can be encouraged using share links. Share links are links that allow visitors to easily share the web page via a social media channel, like Facebook, or even just plain email. This then allows others to see your website and potentially become a new lead or customer.

Cost benefits

Websites are a form of advertising and can even act like a retail shop in many ways. Hence, comparing the cost of these items, websites are inexpensive. Other forms of advertising, like newspapers and radio are costly. A website can be setup and hosted at a much smaller cost. Renting shop fronted real estate is also expensive. A website is much cheaper than bricks and mortar.

Time saving benefits

Websites can save you time by answering questions your customers have so you don't have to. They can qualify any leads on your behalf saving you the time of doing that yourself.

Communication benefits

Websites are information portals for your customers. They act like shop windows for retailers and showcase what you do. Websites can educate as well.

You can also receive feedback through your website. You can have a conversation with you customers through comments and replies.

Frequently asked questions pages are very good for saving time from having to repeatedly answer common questions in person.

Information that is not normally provided via a website can be seen by visitors as a value added service giving you an edge.

Imagine there's no countries

The internet has some useful properties the physical world does not have. Websites operate all day and every day. They do not close down or go on holiday. The internet has no borders. Anyone can visit a website from anywhere in the world.

So you can take advantage of a huge marketplace, save money and time, and communicate with your customers at a time and place of their convenience.